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Diversified service for the needs of industry throughout Finland


We are an expert and a comprehensive partner for industry, when your problems are related to the cleaning or maintenance of tanks or pipelines.

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Oil tanks owned by residents of single-family houses and housing companies must be maintained on a regular basis. This is the best way to extend the service life of your heating system.

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Quality & the environment

We conduct continuous quality control that helps us improve our operations. We wish to receive feedback from our customers to be able to serve you even better than before.

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First-rate operation and service

We provide comprehensive solutions to all your problems related to the industrial cleaning of pipelines and
tanks. Our machinery and equipment are perfectly suited
for demanding applications. We listen to your needs and examine your operational processes,
so the work can be done as agilely as possible, without disrupting the operations of your
core processes.

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We produce results instead of just putting in the hours

We continuously invest in the development of our equipment and services. As a customer, you can trust that all hazardous waste is treated safely, in an ecological manner, and in accordance with the instructions provided to us. Our goal is to understand the needs and operating environment of our customers. Our skilled and trained employees, who are committed to customer service, have up to 30 years of experience in demanding duties.

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Industrial maintenance

We provide you with washing, high-power vacuuming, sandblasting, coating, repairs, and other services related to tank and pipeline maintenance.

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Industrial cleaning

Our comprehensive service guarantees that you only need one operator for your industrial cleaning needs. Dry and wet vacuuming, washing, and cleaning of pipelines and tanks have been specifically designed for the demanding needs of industry.

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Transportation of hazardous waste

Our skilled employees, using vehicles with vacuum equipment made of acid-proof steel, remove even the most demanding hazardous waste for you. Where necessary, our equipment is also suited for the temporary storage of hazardous waste for the duration of shut-downs in industry.

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Consultancy for industry

Do you want to make savings in overall costs of waste treatment and prevent the production of waste? We consult industrial companies in the development of the waste treatment process and better consideration of green values.

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IBC packaging

We carry out all statutory washing, servicing and inspection measures for IBC packaging, on the customer’s premises where necessary.
We have been accredited by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) for regular inspections of the transportation of dangerous goods.

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Maintenance and inspection of heating oil tanks

We have extensive experience in the maintenance, inspection and repair of heating oil tanks.

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