Diversified service throughout Finland

From industrial cleaning to maintenance services for industry

With our diverse equipment and skilled employees, we can provide comprehensive service for all needs in industry.

Industrial cleaning

Our skilled employees, using our diverse equipment, serve you with the following:

  • Wet vacuuming (high tipping/bagging)
  • Dry vacuuming (high tipping/bagging)
  • Cleaning and washing of tanks and pipelines
  • Process washing
  • Washing of fuel supply points and maintenance of oil trap wells
  • Cleaning of machinery and equipment, floors, walls, ceilings and roofs, conveyors, and similar services
  • Transportation of hazardous waste and delivery for final processing.

We handle the maintenance of oil separator systems, the cleaning of bankruptcy estates, and the final cleaning of plants and factories.

Industrial maintenance services

Säiliö Ykköset is a highly skilled partner for all industrial maintenance services. Heavy-duty cleaning in industry and shut-down maintenance are part of our core competence. Where necessary, we can take care of everything from cleaning an entire factory to handling smaller pieces of work.

We use our company’s diversified equipment to perform industrial and process cleaning, high-pressure washing, sandblasting, hot- and warm-water washing, and other industrial maintenance services, quickly and professionally.

Our services are best suited for industrial plants, heating and power plants, companies engaged in wood treatment, oil terminals, and ports.

Examples of our equipment:

  • ADR-approved suction, pressure, wash and combination vehicles (acid-proof steel)
  • High-power suction vehicles for solid and wet materials
  • Tank trucks and trailers suitable for light and heavy oil
  • Trailers with vacuum equipment made of acid-proof steel, and rubber-lined tanks
  • Different washers (hot/cold water 200 bar/350l – 500 bar/60 min)
  • High-pressure washers (800 bar/109l – 1000 bar/200l/min)
  • UHP (2500 bar/21l – 3000 bar/30l/min)

Our company possesses transport permits for the European Community.

Rubber-lined tanks made of acid-proof steel

Transports using hooks

Tank trailers, movable tanks, pallets. Materials: black iron, aluminium, stainless steel, acid-proof steel, and trailers with vacuum equipment. Most of these have been approved for ADR transports. We also lease our equipment.