Process cleaning

Process cleaning

Thanks to our comprehensive service package, you only need one operator for your industrial cleaning needs.

We can perform the most demanding special tasks, such as the sorting and labelling of waste, and work on tanks and reservoirs related to hazardous chemicals. Dry and wet vacuuming, washing, and cleaning of pipelines and tanks that have been specifically designed for the demanding needs of industry.

The maintenance, cleaning, inspection and repair of heavy oil tanks, as well as the transfer of oil between tanks, have been part of our core competence for 10 years now.

Dry vacuuming

High-power suction machines help us quickly and efficiently suck sand, dust, insulation, ash and other similar dry materials.

Wet vacuuming

A high-power suction machine is suitable for many kinds of industrial cleaning applications. Thanks to its high suction effect, it can convey both dry and wet materials. We can also perform blowing and bagging of the substance sucked where necessary.


Our services include high-pressure, steam and hot-water cleaning. We also carry out renovation and final cleaning tasks in demanding conditions.

Mechanical maintenance

We always carry out mechanical maintenance tasks during shut-downs or seasonal variations – on a full-time basis, if necessary. We open and close all the necessary devices, and ensure that devices and pipelines are isolated.